Demo recording of FIGHTER PILOT. From the musical 'The Real Whisper' by Greta Gertler Gold & Akin Salawu. Music by Greta Gertler Gold. Lyrics by Greta Gertler Gold & Akin Salawu. Performed by Joelle Lurie (vocals). Mixed by Adam D Gold.

Living's a struggle
It's chock full of strife
Each time I blink
Seems I've started a life
Slave to the breast pump
Can't fit in my jeans
Getting some "me time"
Forgot what that means

I used to have visions
Of soaring so high
Making a mark
In a limitless sky
Now I'm just trying
With eleven kids crying
How'd that come to be?

I am a fighter pilot
ready, aiming, firing to the end
But strictly for defending you
I am a fighter pilot
I'm no shrinking violet
I'm an ace
And someday I'll touch down
In a different place

I think those feminists
They got it wrong
Having it all
has been taking too long
Diapers and swaddles
And spit-up galore
Friends from the bar
They ain't calling no more

I once had some passion
I had to suppress
The day I decided
To put on The Dress
Now I'm just swimming
Against all the mess
No time for my dreams

I could be a fighter pilot
Flying into combat
Like a pro
I wish that I could know
How it feels to be a
Fighter pilot
Intercepting missiles
And someday I'll find a way
To take that dare

(but meanwhile)

Rise up ladies, let's take charge
We've gotta search this house
for the evil at large
Put down your lipstick,
put down your loom
We've gotta search every corner
of every room.